April 21, 2018 21st Annual Spring Concert

An American Fanfare by Rick Kirby

A Jefferson Portrait by Elliot Del Borgo Narrator: William Monro

Variations on America by Charles Ives (transcribed: William Rhodes)

Lincoln Portrait by Aaron Copland (transcribed: Wlater Beeler) Narrator: William Monro

The Liberty Bell by John Philip Sousa arr. KeithBrion & Loras Schissell

JFK Symphony by John Pasternal

I. Let the word go forth...

II. We choose to go to the moon...

III. This nation is opposed to war.

IV. What kind of peace do I mean?

V. I look forward to an America...

Suite from Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda arr. Jerry Brubaker

A Bernstein Tribute by Leonard Bernstein adapted by: Clare Grundman


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